New - Just as is says, this item unused in the same condition as it left the factory.

Like New - The item appears new, but may have been previously owned. It may or may not have the box or all of the accessories it came with. See the product description for details.

Unissued - This term is used for surplus. The item looks like it was never used, just stored and it may have been stored for several years or decades. It may have very minor/slight storage marks.

Excellent - The item will only show slight wear. It could have small light scratches, very minor dings, and/or minimal bluing wear.

Very Good - The item will show some wear. It could have light scratches, minor dents and dings, and/or light bluing wear. It may have surface pitting that has been refinished over by the arsenal.

Good - The item shows wear. It could have scratches, dents and dings, and/or bluing wear. It may have pitting or light corrosion on the metal surfaces. Most surplus falls into this grade due to use.

Fair - The item is still considered usable and in working order. The finish is well worn and exhibits many defects such as scratches, dent, dings and such. It may have pitting or corrosion on the surface. The stocks may have minor cracking (this will be mentioned in the ad).

Poor/Gunsmith Special - The item is in not working condition. All of the parts may not be present. The stock may be broke or has a major crack. The finish is worn off and exhibits many major defects such as scratches, dents, dings and such. In other words, it is only being sold for parts. NO RETURNS

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